Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Braided Pig Tails

I was determinted to get a shot of her and her braided pig tails, but I am pretty sure she was determined not to let me.  :)  Love her!

Here she is another day learning to swim and blow bubbles!

Here is another shot I found of her while going through pictures of the last month or so.  Please ignore that she is wearing the same shirt from above.  She must really like it!  ;)


She learned to crawl, clap and got her first teeney tiny tooth all in the same week.  She is already 10+ months old.  Lovin' this little girl!  This is from a week or so ago when we were trying out some local fishing.  ;)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

J giving me some smiles.

Somehow I neglected to post these.  I love this kid!  He has been saying the funniest things lately!  I journal once a week the old fashioned way (in a notebook with a pen).  I hope I am recording all of his funny conversations!

I don't know why he thought it was too bright.  It was a partly cloudy day and he was in the shade, but this is how most of the shots looked.  He was trying so hard though.  He definitely got and "A" for effort!