Thursday, June 26, 2008

Next Assigment; shade, sun, back lighting

This is my latest assignment. I am not too impressed with myself!

Take pictures in the following situations....

1) open shade (covered porch, shade of a building, tree without dappled light)
2) afternoon sun
3) back lighting
4) evening (after 7:00) or early morning (before 9:00) sun

1 (open shade)


I know he has his eyes closed, but I thought it was pretty good exposure.

Not really sure what happened here. The fence behind him is in open sunlight and it is completely overexposed...How do I avoid that?

It is all down hill from here....

2 (afternoon sun)

3 (back lighting)

ISO 250, SS 1/400, F5.6

Oh, boy this exposure thing is harder than it looks!

ISO 250, SS 1/1000, f5

ISO 250, SS 1/320, Ap f5

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