Friday, October 23, 2009

Keepin' it real.

This post is a tribute to being realistic about life. We had our family photos taken last night and I kind of chuckle because you are trying to get this perfect capture of family that is imperfect. So today I am posting a few shots I took a few days ago that are more "real".

This is supposed to be his 4-year old shot but look at his choice of jacket. What's a mom to do?

L dressed herself, doesn't quite match. :) Her jacket is too small but she loves it. Everyone's hair was combed once that day but no one wanted it recombed. This is supposed to be of all the kids. One is missing because it is just too complicated to get all four in the shot at once. :)


And here is my favorite..."Everyone smile!" and this is what I get!! :)


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