Monday, January 25, 2010

Pettskirt finally finished!

I have wanted a pettiskirt for almost 2 years, but they are close to $100. I ordered some fabric in November and was inspired by some friends to get it done.

This is the second one I have sewn and I would say it was much easier this time. You'll probably see a lot more of this pink ball of fluff! Hopefully there will be many more skirts in different colors...the fabric is still in the box, but I feel a little more motivated.




Kim said...

She looked so cute on Sunday and I am totally amazed I didn't know you made it. Great Job.

Christina said...

That's some awesome sewing! Good for you.

Amanda said...

oh i cant'believe you made that! awesome!!

Audrey said...

Very cute, I'm impressed you sewed that! You are way to ambitous!

Breanna said...

So Darling!!! definatly gonna have to teach me if this baby is a girl!