Friday, March 5, 2010


I guess these are her official 3-year old pictures. I had it in my head that she needed a beautiful dress so somehow I found myself at the mall. That could be a blog post in and of itself. I'll give you a glimsp of how it went. When I told her what we were looking for she said, "I don't need a new dress mom, I already have one." I should have just said yes and left. I did find a dress I loved and was willing to buy and when I showed it to her she refused to entertain it because it wasn't pink. So, she got to wear this adorable shirt and jeans for her special pictures.

By the time I got to my location, the only lighting option I really had was back-lighting. I love that the grass and flowers are peaking out everywhere. Spring is so close, I can almost smell it! :)

For you lphotogs who care, I was shooting with my 85mm and tried to stay above f/2.8 because apparently my hands are not steady and practiced enough to go lower. :)





Wait a did these slip in there?




Audrey said...

Oh my heck these are gorgeous! I love the backlighting, it's absolutely beautiful. And I'm so glad you didn't get a dress, because that outfit is adorable! How cute is she! I'm so bummed I didn't make it, we need to make plans again, and this time hopefully one of my kids won't break their arm. These were definitely worth the adventure, they're precious!

Nallely said...

I love how the backlighting makes her hair look! The first and fourth pictures are just gorgeous and I'm loving the pictures with baby sister, so cute.

peggs said...

My favorite is the one of her sitting down on the "sticks". She is adorable, and so is her little sis. Great job!

Kim said...

How fun, she is so cute, and that is great that you have an 85mm, do you love it. It's one that I would like to have someday myself.

ChanellR said...

Your girls are so dang beautiful. I love her bracelets.

steph said...

sooooo cute Dana! Lilly just needs a pair of bunny ears- she looks so warm and fuzzy. I love Lexi's bracelets- how cute and happy is she?!? Too cute.-Steph