Monday, May 10, 2010

Mine On Monday {M.O.M.}

I was experimenting in all of these shots.  That will probably be obvious because of the clothing.  ;)  This is how we dress everyday.  Why squash a 3 year-olds idea of matching?  Or tell the 4 year-old he can't wear read one more day in a row. wasn't going very well at this point.  :)  The rock, the extra little bodies in the back.  :)

Every once in a while I get a real smile from this kid and I love it!
Oh boy...all four at once.  I insisted...."Smile!"
I really want some photos with my kids and blooming fruit blossoms.  I missed the opportunity this spring but we were at my in-laws this weekend and couldn't resist snapping this shoot.  Again, the kids weren't dressed for a real photoshoot, but I still love it.


Kim said...

I love that they are just wearing casual clothes, it's called real life. I love the second shot, and I love the orchard shot, I sure wish we had a cool ones close around here.

Arya said...

I think those are the moments we cherish the most - the impromptu and spontaneous photoshoots are always the best!

Handsfullmom said...

Love them!

Anonymous said...

I love the first one...awesome job with the backlighting! I love your B&W conversion too!