Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mine on Monday {M.O.M}

It is *almost* Monday.  I can't believe this little girl is officially 9 months.  She has already been outside in the world longer than I was pregnant with her.  That is incredibly hard for me to believe.  We love her so much!


Anonymous said...

Can you say DARRR-LING? AH! She's too CUTE! I can't wait for OUR turn girl!! I know I know, we haven't set a date, but I reeeally am anxious to get it done and have YOU do it!!!!

Audrey said...

Love these! She is just so, so cute! And I can't believe she's all ready 9 months, it goes by way to fast, doesn't it.

peggs said...

Wow, really 9 months....what a cutie!