Monday, May 24, 2010

Mine On Monday {M.O.M.}

I love taking pictures but nothing makes me happier than taking them of my own children.  We had our last soccer game.  Both boys had great coaches and fun was had by all.  The last game was really crumby weather, but they braved it in jackets, hats and gloves!  "C" loved being a part of the "Flaming Ketchup".  He even made a goal.

"J" loved to be goalie.  You could often find him moving the cones towards him to close down the size of the goal.  It was actually pretty funny (although I am sure the other team didn't appreciate it).  His favorite part though was climbing on his coaches back  (the poor coach)!

The story behind this photo is more sentimental than the photo itself.  "J" saw this train and begged to have his picture taken.  But it was in a spot where I felt I was trespassing and he just couldn't open his eyes.  He tried so was apparently too bright.  Love the kid for asking though.  He told me we can go back another day when it is not so bright.  ;)

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Audrey said...

Love the soccer pictures! And trespass away, those are always the best spots :) I miss you, it's been to long. We'll have to take the kids to the park or something if it ever stops raining.