Friday, August 29, 2008

New Assignment; shooting my daily schedule

"Practice shooting from the hip/on the fly/random things. Set a timer to go off every 60 min. when it goes off grab your camera and as quickly as possible take a shot-you set all the settings, but remember that this is supposed to be helping you learn to “quick grab the camera” and get GREAT shots."

I am not sure I did very well with this assignment. I haven't been shooting a lot lately and I think it has effected my skills. I didn't post settings but can go back and do that if desired. I got started late in the day but here is what I captured:

1. Coming home from school.


3. (I know it is not spring, but we have a lilac tree that is a little confused. I am so glad it is not dead, but it missed the boat a little on blooming.)

4. Really late Lunch (disgusting, huh?) - in fact, I should just call it dinner.


6. My afternoon project

7. We got a new toy: a used trampoline from some neighbors.

8a. An early bath.


9a. Here is the last post for the day. Sugar cookies...




lotto said...
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Kim said...

What a fun assignment and a great way to photo journal a day.

Ryan and Angela said...

Wow, look at all the things you did in one day. And you say I am a busy mom.