Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cool Location

Found this neat location (actually months ago) and finally took my kids to try it out. These are not the greatest pictures, but it give you an idea of what the location is like. Kind of fun. Any good tips to getting a 5, almost 3 and almost 2 year old to hold still? Seriously...give me some ideas!!!


Amy N. said...

Oh I LOVE the location! That green wall will edit very well. As for ideas? Yeah I have none, except for maybe try bringing a bench or something for them to sit on.

Kim said...

I spied the same location, great minds think alike, I can't wait to take some pictures there myself.

Julia said...

Hi there I am a friend of Kim's. I visit your blog from time to time because I am trying to figure out this photography thing as well. To get them to sit still I have tried smarties (the candy)because they are small, or I stamp a little bug on the palm of their hand and tell them that the bug is shy of the camera and to hide it in their lap or behind their back. I also read somewhere to put a pez dispenser on the flash attachment of your camera and the kids will look at your camera every time! Sometimes I play a freeze game with my 6 year old to get him to hold still. Good Luck and thanks for all the info on your blog.