Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Assignment Part II; day time lighting

I never took the evening pictures of my assignment. Tonight I finally did it and here are the results. Definitely a beautiful time of day for photography. So much easier to get a good exposure. Granted these shots seem to still be far from perfect but they are such an improvement from the mid-day sun in the post below. All are SOOC unless otherwise indicated.


ISO 250, SS 1/60, F5.3
He was under the patio cover here and I thought it was a little dark.

Edited version:


ISO 160, SS 1/125, F7.1
Back lit sun. I think his face is under exposed, but his hair is blown out, right?


ISO 160, SS 1/80, F7.1
I thought this one was interesting. Jaxon is in a shadow and the sun is hitting CJ. An example of how EVERYTHING in the frame can't always be a perfect exposure...


ISO 160, SS 1/125, F 7.1


ISO 160, SS 1/40, F 7.1

The shutter speed is way too slow here. I probably should have changed the ISO to 200 or 250 so the SS could be faster.


ISO 160, SS 1/50, F 4.8
Again, the SS seems too slow for a portrait.


ISO 160, SS 1/50, F4.8


ISO 160, SS 1/640, F5
I included this one because I think it is a good example of a bad exposure. How should I have adjusted my settings to avoid this yellow color cast? Lower ISO?


ISO 250, SS 1/80, F5.3
This is another example of a shot with a "cool" color cast. It is a bit blue. What should I have changed here?


ISO 160, SS 1/100, F5


Kim said...

Fun to view your homework assignments, I need to try some of these things myself. It's funny that you didn't like the color in photo #8, because I did. I liked the yellow cast, it is warm and really brighten up the skin. I guess it is really individual wether a picture is good or not. Then again, I could just be totally wrong.

Amy N. said...

Hey did you get my email? It didn't send the first time I tried...I wish I knew what the deal was!