Thursday, July 17, 2008

Composition Assignment

Assignment: Compose one subject 5 different ways. Think of different point of views, angles, and depth of field.

Nothing like a Circular Polarizing Filter and Nature Shots (that aren't moving every second) to boost your photography confidence! SOOC for all 5 images.

1. ISO 1250, SS 1/250, F13

2. (cool bee, huh?)
ISO 320, 1/250, F7.1

3. ISO 640, SS 1/125, F18

4. Couldn't decide

ISO 1250, SS 1/500, F9

ISO 160, SS 1/160, F5.6

5. ISO 160, SS 1/160, F 5.6


Kim said...

You're already putting your filter to use. Looks good.

Amy N. said...

So FUN! Sometimes I find myself taking pictures of something other than my kids to lift my spirits and remind me that I am not that bad ;)

These are great! Email sent-

Lydia said...