Saturday, July 12, 2008

Focus Panic

While camping this weekend, I was taking some great pictures of Lexi in the morning when it was just the two of us because the boys were fishing. That evening I got the camera back out and it was NOT working! I checked every switch (and there seem to be a lot) and everything was in order. Here is what I was getting....

I took a break from it, said a little prayer that I didn't somehow break the camera or the lens. I went back to it after a while...same problem. Again I checked everything. I repeated these steps at least 3 times. By the time I got home I decided I didn't want to worry about it all day Sunday so I took it to the camera store. Thank goodness they are open 'til 9 pm.
Let me introduce you to the Focus Selector (CSM) Switch. I don't have my manual in front of me but I think it stands for Continuous, Servo (or is it single?), and manual focusing. I promise I checked it several times. It was apparently half-way in between two settings. Phew! I am so happy my camera still works. I was in a bit of a panic for a minute.

The good news about this story (well besides I don't have to pay anything to have my camera fixed) is that I bought a "hood" while I was at the camera store. I have been noticing sun spots on some of my pictures and it is somewhat annoying. See below in the top left corner. The hood should keep the rays off of the lens.
I also FINALLY bought a grey card. I am excited to experiment with it. I hope I get some spare time tomorrow after church to play.

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Amy N. said...

OH I am so happy that the camera is not broken! YAY for the gray card and hood too-you can have some fun with those! (just don't try for lens flare with your hood on it doesn't work so well-LOL-my DUH moment a while back :)