Saturday, October 18, 2008

The "C" family

I think there were a lot of nice ideas in this shoot but not all of them turned out quite how I wanted. On the other hand, I finally got great focus on a few of the shots and was thrilled with that. I love taking pictures. I hope I can get it "right" someday. :)

This is one of those "nice" ideas" but the whole shot ahd what looked like a sun haze on it. I tried to make some edits and this is as good as I could get it to look (and it is pretty bad!!).

Have to do a jumping one. :)


Kim said...

I don't know what's up with those other comments, but good work. I love the two black and white ones and the ones of Mikeala are really cute.

Amy N. said...

You got some GREAT ones! I love your focus...right on

V Amador said...

Love the C family!
Great shots and great ideas. You've always been creative....and it shows.

Margie said...

Hi - I found you on a post in I am fairly new to the forum and love checking out people's blogs. You have some great shots! I love the one of the first individual boy, and the jumping family. I think I share your interests - natural light, shooting as much as I can, trying to get better everyday! Feel free to go to my blog and give me some Cc- I'm not brave enough to post anything on the forum yet. Happy Shooting!