Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Expecting #2

I did a shoot today with "B". I think she looks radiant pregnant with #2. She was very patient with me! I wasn't very good at getting #1 to smile for me but I think this one is precious. Oh and keep in mind that I had two of my own kids (2 & 1 years old) at my side.

I think this is my favorite!

This is close second to being my favorite.

I tried for a silhouette but couldn't get it right. Uggh!


Kim said...

Fun pictures love the backgrounds good job.

Lydia said...

I can tell immediately which ones she will like. It'll be fun to see if I'm right! My personal favorite is the 1st b&w posted. And, actually, you may not like it, but I loved the silhouette. I've seen that heart thing before and have liked it... not such a big fan of this one but I can't figure out why. All, in all, you did a great job. Just remember the advice from the carebears... practice, practice, practice. :)

Breanna and Tyson said...

Thanks again! I had a ton of fun, and I am pleased with the results. Our favorites would have to be the same as yours. Tyson says I need to have you do it again when I am bigger. :) how lovely, oh and to pick a different shirt. I told him I would have to go shopping then... haha. Thanks again!

Art Photographs said...

What a pretty mom! Great job capturing her! Oh and thanks for stopping by my blog too!!!

Amber said...

I think you did great. & I LOVED the first shot as well as the B&W with L giving her a hug. Too cute.