Monday, October 20, 2008

White Balance Test

The assignment: take pictures in different settings using all different white balance options.

Here are the results (I only included the top 3-4 choices, the others were awful).

FULL SUN the white balance setting that is most accurate is the "Sunny" setting.

The best WB setting for SHADE is either 5000K (I don't even know what that means) or Auto. It is definitely NOT the shade preset. This was completely in the shade. I am a little suprised by the results. What do you think?
The weather was finally cloudy (not that I really wanted it to be, but I did want to finish this assignment). I think the best is 5000 K or Auto, but definitely NOT the Cloudy WB.

The most accurate WB setting for an inside shot looks to be "incandecent". That being said, it is really cool. What do I do about that?
Try #2 (I tried to get a more perfect exposure here and the results to me indicate that Auto wb is the best option)

Try #1
To summarize here are the settings I will shoot most and the WB setting I should use.
Full Sun = Sunny white balance
Shade = 5000K
Cloudy = hummm not sure Auto WB looks a bit cool and 5000K looks a bit warm but I think it is one of these
Inside = Auto

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