Monday, November 17, 2008

Portrait Assignment Part I

This is part I of my portrait assignment. There are a few of what I captured. Self-portrait and perhaps the hubby to come later. :)

1) Not sure about the composition here.

2) Again, the composition...does the head crop look intentional?

3) This is an indoor shot and I think it turned out suprising well. Does the head crop look intentional?

4) Going for sunglare. Can't figure out how to get the sun and the spots and not the gray haze across the photo.

I think in general, I am still working on the same things. Focus (most of these were taken at f/1.8 though), compositon (I think I am getting better but still working on it), exposure (usually my color casts are awful) and creativity (I usually ende up trying to copy work that someone else has done).

1 comment:

Kim said...

I really like the sun glare on the second picture. I haven't even attempted to try to do that I have no idea, so hey your doing pretty good.