Monday, November 10, 2008

Adding Texture

This is getting fun!

Another photoshop skill I have been wanting to use is adding texture. There are some beautiful photos out there with texture. I don't ever want to get caught going overboard with it but here is how you do it - at least this is what I taught myself to do.

I started with my texture photo (from flickr) and my edited photo.

I then drug my texture on top of my photo and made it the same size (or larger) as my photo)

On the texture layer I reduced the opacity to 50% and changed the blending option to Pin Light (you have several options). I then erased (on the texture layer) around the face/skin/ears.

Then I flattened image and added a watermark. Whala....

Another texture


Kim said...

Cool tip thanks, looks neat.

Kristy said...

Hey - what's your flickr username?

Mine's kristy_mayer - you'll have to add me!