Saturday, November 15, 2008

Took some shots today

I had the opportunity to shoot a fun family today. The children weren't crazy about it at first -- probably because I was nervous! As I became more comfortable and they got to know me, their little smiles were a lot of fun. By the end I felt like I had a bunch of new little friends. Thank you "A" for great morning! Oh, and Patten, the dog, was amazingly well behaved!

Here is a link to my photostream where my favorites are posted.

Here's one of my kids that I shot...I learn so much from these experiences. I hope I am getting better!


Amy N. said...

You are getting better! I can see it. It will be fun to see a one year anny post from you. Keep working at it.
PS) I didn't ever give you an assignment, but why don't you take some portraits of your kids (or your husband or get brave and do some self portraits) in the next few days and I will critique them and see where we should go from there. Good luck!

Arya said...

You sooo ROCKED these!! You did an awesome job and I can't wait to get see the rest of them. THank you for Swap'n with me!